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  • Smart Grid Careers

    The development of the smart grid is something that has already started.  It won’t be perfect, but it is a necessity, and as such, it is being built by upgrading the current infrastructure.  There are two types of jobs that are generated by these efforts; the first one is indirect jobs, such as construction and equipment manufacturing for the upgrade of the electrical grid infrastructure.  Second,  a large amount of direct jobs which  actually can become a career.  These are the areas most commonly found in the smart grid job descriptions.

  • Smart Grid Technology Glossary

    The Smart Grid Technology Glossary provides a summary of terms organized by systems type. Some of these terms are:
    Balancing Systems:... read more
    End User Systems:... read more
    Automation Systems:... read more

  • Smart Grid Companies

    Several companies are gearing for global deployment of Smart Grids.  Smart grids are becoming a necessity due to the fact that power generation is no longer restricted to large utility companies, but is generated by smaller sources including solar, wind, and thermal.  Balancing and making the most of such a distributed generation of power requires of a grid that can autocontrol itself, that is, the smart grid.

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